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CoinExtra is a platform with computing power-sharing services to users around the world. It saves users from the complicated process of purchasing, installing, and hosting mining machines. You can enjoy the service with just one click.

Our service makes mining accessible to everyone. We believe in the future of cryptocurrencies and we love to be part of this growing community. Our team is a combined group of experienced traders and financial market analysts. With CoinExtra, crypto cloud mining is absolutely in your hands. Thanks to the newest technology and a professional system specially designed for our crypto mining. Our engineers always pick the best mining equipment of first-class manufacturing and collaborate with the world's leading mining pools.

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CoinExtra is an crypto-management Investment company currently serving private and institutional investors from all over the globe.

Prior to launching our website, we have been running profitable and highly successful investment business for several years, there’s no reason for us to stop our online operation any time soon.

To make a investment you must Choose the plan you want to invest, enter the amount, it will then take you to login page, choose sign up and become a member of CoinExtra, then make your deposit investment. All deposits must be made through the Members Area.

Depositing funds is made simple. To make deposit, login to the member dashboard then click deposit. Select from the list of payment methods to deposit your funds into your account. After you make the depoisit of funds, it will be available in your account balance.

When your investment period ends and your profit creditted to your account, you can make withdrawal from the dashboard in your member page, directly to your personal wallet.

You might have other questions which we might not put on this small page, please contact us by any form available, chat or from our contact page, we will gladly provide an answer to your question.

Within the rapidly growing field of cryptocurrency, Coinexra investment is a unique product which provides exposure to a great financial opportunities. With impressive constant returns, this fund shows unlimited potential. Managers of Coinextra are incredibly knowledgeable and always available and provide help all the way.

Sheila Krigner

Sales Executive

This investments are great. It really changed my mind about investing in Bitcoin. I was concerned and confused about having to invest my hard earned money, but coinextra investment platform takes away all that hassle. I encourage everyone to invest in this and see your success results.

George Horman


Coinextra is a great group of smart people who study the Crypto Currency Market and miming focusing on overall market cycles. I recommend you give this investment opportunity a try. I am confident in this investment product.

Helen Pelegrin

Financial Expert

I have been following the cryptocurrency space since 2018 but took a leap of faith to invest with coinextra in 2019. I am making so much money now that I quip my day job to focus on coinextra investment platform. Thanks to the company for creating this profitable platform. Cheers!

Tom H.

Data Analyst

Great group of blessed souls helping people establish real financial stability. I have been a member for 2 years, since i joined my financial achievements had been incredible. Coinextra is the best in cryptocurrency business when it comes to investment and technical analysis.

Shaun Keith

Sales Manager